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In sunny and warm areas like Temecula, homeowners often lean toward colors that reflect the local environment and also perform well under persistent sun exposure. Here are the top ten exterior home paint colors that tend to be popular in such settings!

Temeculas Top Ten Home Exterior Paint Colors


Always one of the versatile exterior house colors that work well with natural surroundings 


Offers a slightly richer depth than beige and pairs well with varied landscapes 


A neutral option that often pairs well with bright or dark accent colors 

Whites and Off Whites 

Offers a crisp, clean look and reflects the sun, helping to keep the home  cool. Ivory and clear offer slightly warmer options that works well with most  architectural styles 

The Blues 

Reflective of the sky and usually helps a property to stand out in a subtle  way. Common choices are turquoise and light blue, offering a vibrant choice that can offer a playful and unique appearance 


Often used to allow the home to blend in with the surrounding nature. 

Olive and sage greens are softer greens that’s often associated with tranquility and calm. 

Chocolate Brown 

A rich, warm brown that often complements natural stone or wood. 


A striking choice that can be both modern and timeless. Favorites are slate  and warm gray, both great neutral colors that work great with almost any  accent color. 


A warm, earthy red that reflects some of the local California soils. 

Sunshine Yellow 

A playful, warm choice that brings a burst of sunny California vibe. 

Before finalizing the color of homes in Temecula, it’s a good idea to test a small section  on the exterior of the home to understand how it will look in various lighting conditions  throughout the day. You may also want to consult with a local professional painter or designer who is familiar with the current trends in Temecula. 

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