Breathe New Life to Your Kitchen with a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Service

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Kitchens are the center of social interaction in modern homes. No longer is it just a place where you prepare and cook your delicious meals and treats for the whole family. It has also been transformed as a venue for sharing a good laugh and wonderful memories with friends. It is, thus not surprising why the kitchen is one of the most common parts of the home that receives the most attention when it comes to home improvement projects. Breathing new life into your kitchen doesn’t really have to cost you a fortune. You can start with your kitchen cabinets and slowly marvel at how painting kitchen cabinets can be so much fun while satisfying your need for a more modern, more functional look. Here are some unique ideas to breathe new life to your kitchen cabinets.

Restoring Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve got a kitchen that’s adorned with really elegant pieces of wood cabinetry you don’t really want to perform an extensive paint job. The goal is to breathe life into your wooden kitchen cabinets that may have already dulled throughout the years that they’ve been exposed to smoke and other particles in your kitchen. What you want is for your professional restorer to help you create a magical layer of natural paint that blends exceptionally well with the existing finish of your wooden kitchen cabinets.

Every time you restore kitchen cabinets you will have to reflect on what it looked like the first time you had it set up in your kitchen. Those magnificent lines created by the grains of the wood, interspersed with dark pockets or islands that swirl, creating a visual masterpiece in your kitchen need to be restored to their former glory. This is the very essence of restoring kitchen cabinets.

So when painting oak cabinets in your kitchen, your aim is to bring forth the natural beauty of this amazing wood. There is no need to hide such splendor. And in case you’re not sure how, you can always call on Wall Works to help you out.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Regrettably, there are instances when you simply cannot restore your kitchen cabinets to their former glory. A true cabinet painting professional will usually recommend refinishing kitchen cabinets. This will require stripping your cabinet of its existing finish. In many instances a cabinet painting company will use a variety of chemicals to remove the current finish on your kitchen cabinets. This is a very important preliminary step in breathing new life into your kitchen. What you would want to achieve is an even and really smooth surface upon which the best kitchen cabinet finishes can be applied. Without a smooth and chemical-free surface, the ingredients in these finishes will simply not adhere as effectively as you would want them to.

Once the stripping of the finish has been accomplished you can now paint cabinets with your choice of colors and hues. You can go with white kitchen cabinets to give your space a clean and uncluttered look. It is always a joy to work in a kitchen that looks so organized and clean. Having white kitchen cabinets can help you achieve this look.

If you have metallic elements in your kitchen such as stainless steel pots and pans as well as countertops and kitchen appliances, you might want to consider gray kitchen cabinets. Of course, this hardly resembles the sheen that is characteristic of metal, but with the right cabinet painting service you can magically transform ordinary-looking furniture into something ultra-modern, more metallic in both look and feel.

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Cabinet Refacing

Sometimes restoring or even refinishing kitchen cabinets is not enough to give you the kind of look that you’re hoping to achieve. You need something more dramatic, more in-tune with your tastes of the times. If such is your vision for your kitchen, then cabinet refacing is the way to go.

While refinishing kitchen cabinets can be considered as a form of refacing, the best cabinet painting service will tell you that it involves more than just painting kitchen cabinets after they have been stripped of their original finish. Cabinet refacing is all about giving your furniture a whole new look. You can have entirely new cabinet doors complete with new and differently-styled hardware. Performing cabinet door refacing can be considered as a mini-remodeling activity. You can add matching drawer fronts as well as new crown molding. You can even integrate newer, more modern elements in your kitchen cabinets without replacing the whole furniture.

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

In all three methods of giving new life to your kitchen, there is one aspect that can spell either the success or the failure of such an endeavor. The best way to paint kitchen cabinets is to get the services of a reputable cabinet painting professional. They are fully-equipped with the competencies to help you bring out the natural look of your old kitchen cabinets, in situations where you want to restore kitchen cabinets. They also have a very clear understanding of what needs to be done when refinishing kitchen cabinets so you can bring out a new look to your cabinetry without substantially altering its overall composition. A dedicated cabinet painting service is also cognizant of the crucial steps needed to implement an effective cabinet refacing.

Of course, you can paint cabinets yourself. But if you’re not familiar with the best kitchen cabinet finishes, you simply couldn’t expect a pretty decent outcome, could you? And if you’re concerned with the price to paint cabinets, you’ll learn that it is actually more cost-effective to hire the services of a cabinet painting professional because they already have a firm grasp of the overall cost to paint cabinets. In many cases, they may even give you amazing painted kitchen cabinet ideas to consider in your next project. You couldn’t get anything more valuable than that.

If you’re ready to breathe new life into your kitchens, give us a call so we can send you an estimate. Whether it is to restore kitchen cabinets, refinishing kitchen cabinets, or even kitchen cabinet refacing, you can trust on Wall Works to provide you with really innovative solutions.