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exterior paint colors

Painting your home’s front door smoky black, charcoal gray, or jet black could add $6,271 to the value of your home if you decide to sell. Is it also possible the right exterior paint color also adds to the resale value? Yes!

If you’re looking for the best exterior paint colors to not only increase curb appeal but to add value, we’ve got you covered.

This post is full of tips to help you decide on a color that will make the outside of your home look its best. Whether it’s a clean, bright white, or an updated shade of gray, we can help guide you through the process of selecting the perfect paint color. 

We’ll start with the most basic white and neutral shades. Then, we’ll share a surging color trend for this year. Explore our guide before you take that first brush stroke!

1. Choose a Clean and Classic Paint Color

Who said white is a boring color for the outside of a house? We’re not sure who started that rumor, but it’s not true.

White is one of the best exterior paint colors for a reason. It looks sleek and clean without being too minimalistic.

What many home buyers like about white paint is that it offers a ready-made canvas on which they can paint doors, windows, and trim in any color they choose.

When prospective buyers look at a home with a white exterior, it’s easy for them to picture how they can get creative with color and landscaping to customize according to their personality and style.

2. The Appeal of Gray

Homebuyers today look for homes that have an effortless feeling. They don’t want to spend too much extra money after closing, so a color that goes with just about anything is always popular. Welcome gray exterior paint colors!

Gray (and many of the other neutral paint colors) is often misunderstood.

The best way to look at neutral colors is by realizing what they lack. They have no intensity or saturation, making them a great partner for a variety of accent colors.

Gray exterior paint colors offer a sophisticated mix of modern and timeless.

Whether you choose a dark gray with blue undertones, classic gray with brown undertones, a light gray with green or blue undertones, create contrast with crisp white trim. A front door in bright red, yellow, orange, or turquoise adds a little pizazz.

3. Go With Greige

For those looking for the perfect marriage of two colors, greige is it! Combining grey (cool) and beige (warm), which on their own may feel a little underwhelming, gives way to a light, airy color with earthy undertones.

It’s hard to match the versatility of greige — it goes with almost anything. For doors and trim, you can’t go wrong when you choose warm, brown tones, but lighter tones of gray, black, and white also pair well with this trendy yet classic paint color.

Traditionally, greige is a lighter color, but for 2022, look for darker and earthier shades of greige.

4. Sage Green Is Everywhere

The last time you walked around your neighborhood, how many green exterior paint colors did you notice? Perhaps more than usual!

Sage green is the newest shade of spring, and it’s popping up all over.

It’s a favorite color choice among homeowners and buyers because it not only complements white trim but also looks beautiful with other shades in the green family.

Sage stands out on homes surrounded by lush gardens and provides a striking backdrop for brightly colored flowers. If you’re looking for an exterior paint color with an elegant vibe, consider sage green.

5. Come Sail Away

Whether you live in a beach cottage, or you’d like to bring a little of the ocean to your city dwelling, blue exterior paint may be the answer to your color choice dilemma.

Blue exterior paint colors offer a calming vibe and can help you get away from it all without leaving home.

Consider an egg-blue exterior with dark blue shutters. Paint the front door dark blue as well to create balance.

6. Two-Toned Color Inspiration

Two-tone exterior color schemes are hot, and if you’re considering such a style for your home it’s important to consider which colors will work best together.

Start with taupe — a solid color choice. Pair it with a lighter neutral from the taupe color family. For an entirely different feel, where your trim creates breaks, use soft gold paint.

Going back to our soft neutral grays, you can achieve a beautiful two-toned look by choosing one focal point to paint a bold, vibrant color such as citrus yellow. Speaking of yellow, next we’ll share an essential tip about using it to paint the exterior.

7. A Happy House

The color yellow on a house says happy, and it’s grown popular over the years. But exterior yellow paint tends to come with some serious precautions.

Yellow exterior paint is not for everyone, especially the homeowner planning to list their home on the real estate market. Too much yellow may feel jarring and turn off prospective buyers.

The key to pulling off a yellow exterior paint scheme is using the right contrasting and complementary colors.

For example, the right white trim paint helps give shape to the larger areas of yellow. If your heart is set on painting with yellow, consult with a professional painting contractor who can help ensure you choose the best shade.

Let Us Help Choose Your Exterior Paint Colors 

As you can see there’s an almost endless number of modern exterior paint colors. A painting consultant can help guide you through the process, considering the best exterior paint colors for your home’s style and your personality.

If you’re thinking about painting your home but can’t decide on colors, we can help guide you through exterior paint choices. Contact the team here at Wall Works and schedule a consultation or free painting quote.

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