Wall Works

What’s Wall Works? Oh, you haven’t heard? Wall Works is your go-to company to getting your painting job done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, right. Serving the Southern California area since 1986, the question isn’t “Why Wall Works?”, it’s why wouldn’t you use us. But, we understand that you don’t know us from a hole in the wall (pun intended), so we put together this quick checklist for you to see if Wall Works is right for your job:

Q. Is your project residential or commercial? / Is it an interior or exterior project?
A. It doesn’t matter, At Wall Works we’re masters of every type of project whether it falls into any of those categories.

Q. Do you want an estimate that is quick, easy, and… wait for it… free?
A. All of our estimates are quick, easy, and free for all our clients. Why should you pay for an estimate? You can give us a call, get your free estimate, and we can start planning your project right away.

Q. Do you want a knowledgeable team that is going to use newer, top-of-the-line equipment?
A. Of course! At Wall Works we are super knowledgeable about all types of projects, from new projects to touch ups, residential projects to commercials ones, and base coats to primers. Also, we always use the most up-to-date brushes and paint and pride ourselves on our cleanliness.

Wall Works is undoubtedly the right place to go for any of your painting needs. Check out our website for more information and give us a call at (951) 698-5588 to get started right away! There’s no more questions, we are here to give your project total attention right down to the last brush stroke.