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American homeowners spare no expense when it comes to home improvements, spending over $400 billion a year on these projects. The primary goal behind these upgrades is to make the home more comfortable, especially with people spending more time at home since the onset of COVID-19.

A popular home upgrade among US homeowners is house painting. It’s one of the low-cost improvements with the greatest ROI. The average cost to paint a house today is $1,467, but it can increase your home’s price by as much as $2,222. 

For some DIY enthusiasts, hiring a professional house painter seems unnecessary. But it’s difficult to reap the true benefits of this home upgrade without the services of a seasoned home painting expert. 

In today’s blog, we highlight some of the reasons why it always pays to work with a professional whenever painting your home. Let’s dive right in.

You Get a High-Quality Job

There’s almost always a noticeable difference in quality between a paint job done by a professional and a DIY job done by an ordinary homeowner. A professional contractor is experienced in prepping your walls to help ensure that the paint looks better and lasts longer.

Professionals also know the best exterior house paint colors for your home. They can help you choose a color combination that goes perfectly with your home’s setting. This is especially important when you’re applying exterior house paint to a new house or want to change the current appearance of your home. 

Professional painters always aim for near-perfect results. They pay the utmost attention to details, making sure that the results meet or exceed your expectations. 

A Professional House Painter Handles the Prep Work for You

As you’re going to find out, there’s much that goes on in a home painting project besides the actual application of the paint. Part of preparation involves moving furniture and other items out of the way. Windows need to be taped off and drop cloths laid down.

It may also be a requirement to thoroughly wash the walls to make sure that the surface is clean and ready. All that work may take a considerable amount of time to do. For professional home painters, however, this prep work can get done in just a couple of hours.

Note that some perp tasks need proper skills to be done correctly. For instance, it can be very frustrating to tape the borders of the walls without enough experience. When you hire a professional, you have someone to take care of all this work on your behalf.

Professionals Use the Correct Materials

Another top reason for hiring a professional house painter is that they always have the right equipment and materials for the job. They’re also deeply knowledgeable about what painting supplies are necessary for the job. Thus, you don’t have to worry about walking down paint aisles at your local hardware store trying to decide which paint type or primer to buy.

Your paint professional knows all about exterior paint as they handle it daily. They know which brands are durable and which finishes give your home the best look. They know which rollers and brushes to use for outstanding results.

It’s also a massive benefit that your house painter will come with their own equipment. Thus, you don’t need to worry about spending money on assembling the necessary equipment to get the job done.

The Job Gets Done Faster

One of the problems with DIY painting is that the job takes a considerable amount of time, especially when you have a large home. It’s very likely that only you and a few family members will be involved in the job. Many times, it’s difficult to schedule a time when all of you are free to tackle the job. 

There’s also time spent deciding on which paints to use and purchasing them. Assembling the right equipment for the job also takes time. And if you aren’t an experienced house painter, the actual painting job takes much longer.

With professional home painters, you get things done much more quickly. You’re working with a team that has the skills, manpower, and equipment to do the job within the shortest time possible. Besides, professional home painters use a proven system that helps cut the time needed for the job drastically.

Professional Painters Can Properly Dispose of the Materials

Doing things in an environmentally friendly manner is essential, especially in light of the ecological challenges the world faces at the moment. Part of being a responsible homeowner is ensuring you don’t pollute the environment when doing home improvement projects.

After a paint job, you’ll find that there’s a lot of waste you need to deal with. Empty cans and brushes you no longer need are just some of the items you need to dispose of properly. Throwing these items into your regular garbage is wrong.

A huge benefit of working with a professional is that they’re aware of the right practices when it comes to disposing of waste after a home project. They can safely deal with these materials and leave your home as tidy as they found it. 

Hire the Right House Painter for the Job Today

Painting your home is a quick, affordable way to give your home a touch of glamor. The results are even more dazzling when you let a professional house painter take care of the job. That’s because professionals have both the skills and resources to do the job right.

Are you planning to give your home a fresh paint job? Contact us today and learn how our professionals can help you. 

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