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Kitchen repainting and remodels are challenging even for the best homemakers. They disturb daily routines, cost money, and take longer than expected. If you have decided it is time for kitchen cabinet painting, you must go into it with an open mind. Exploring several ideas before finding one that will work for you would be best. Not only are aesthetics important – your kitchen cabinets ought to be functional too.

Things to Consider:

• You need to develop a budget considering all cabinet remodel aspects. There are many different kinds of cabinet finishes in the market, and they come at different prices. By doing some comparison shopping before you start you can get a better idea of what you are looking for. Look at ideas for your space if that is an open concept kitchen or an enclosed space. Do you want two tones or one? All these are factors to remember when budgeting your project.

• When choosing the new finish for your cabinets, you need to consider the type of paint. Everything in your kitchen gets dirty either by grease or handprints. Consider an easy to clean paint. If it is difficult to clean, you will end up with filthy-looking cabinets.

• As you repaint paint your cabinets, you should consider adding additional storage. One of the biggest challenges in modern kitchens is space. There is hardly enough to stash away all pots, pans, appliances, crockery, and everything else. With a few clever ideas, you can add shelving to your cabinets to create more room for storage.

• Make sure to bring all cabinet doors down before you start working on them. If you paint them when stuck to the hinges, you risk spreading paint in areas where it shouldn’t be. Ensure all doors are dry before they are screwed back into hinges; otherwise, they will get stuck. This is one of the main reasons it takes so long to re-paint your cabinets.

• One of the essential things when refacing and painting is getting all the old paint off. It should be carefully scraped away and the surface sanded and cleaned before the new coat is applied; otherwise, it will not take.

• Make sure to cover the floor, the island, and any other surface you don’t plan on painting. If you don’t, you will only create additional work for yourself.

• It is essential to choose your new paint carefully. Some kinds of paint are too thin and require several coats before achieving the desired effect. Others are so heavy that a couple of coats seem too thick. If you are unsure what paint is best, it is best to talk to an expert on color and paintwork. It would help if you chose a paint that dries fast and doesn’t leave a smell – it costs more but is worth it.

• The paint color also matters. A dye may be in vogue, but what happens in a few years? Unless you plan to remodel your kitchen every year or two, it is best to repaint your cabinets with neutral colors that will look great for years to come.

• Be prepared for clean-up! Kitchen cabinet re-painting is just one thing, but once you’re done, there will be a lot of cleaning. You may want to ask the family to chip in for this one.

Should you hire someone for kitchen cabinet refacing painting?

Consider hiring a professional if you need to improve with DIY projects. They will help you come up with great designs for your new kitchen and will also help you to choose the right kinds of paint. Better yet, they will do the job professionally and be finished quickly.

Not all kitchen cabinet refacing painting companies are the same, so you should be careful about whom you hire. Look for one with lots of experience – they should have done kitchens for over five years. They should be able to show you photo samples of kitchen cabinets they have painted in the last year and references you can call. Ensure you get a quote before they start to avoid disagreements later on. Always read reviews on Yelp or Google. Another good avenue to find a good company is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you’re ready to repaint your kitchen contact Wall Works today to schedule your free estimate.

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