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remodeling kitchen cabinets

You’ve invited friends over for dinner. The menu is exciting, the table is set, you’ve picked the perfect soundtrack for the evening. But the minute you walk into your kitchen, you realize it’s just… lacking.

If you enjoy entertaining people and inviting them into your kitchen, the last thing you want to display is an outdated space. But you don’t have to do a complete overhaul to make the kitchen look new and stylish.

If you’re on a budget or want a weekend project, updated kitchen cabinets can transform a room. We’ll walk you through a few tips for remodeling kitchen cabinets so you can bring your kitchen into the new age.

Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets with a Little Paint

Wondering how to make old cabinets look modern without any carpentry skills? Cabinets that are in good condition are easy to refinish or paint.

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, consider white cabinets or a lighter color to open up the room. If you’re feeling bold, paint the doors a bright color and bring some fun into your kitchen.

If you’re attached to the natural wood look in your cabinets, you can always refinish them with a wood stain. Just like paint colors, a lighter stain can brighten a small room. A bold, dark stain creates a statement and can complement lighter colors elsewhere in the space.

Remember to remove the doors before starting your painting project, and sand everything down before you apply the first coat of paint. Do a little research on basic painting tips before you start if you’re new to the idea.

Dressing Up Cabinets with New Hardware

Once you’ve refreshed the cabinets with a little paint, take a look at the hardware. Replace those boring knobs and pulls!

Big box hardware stores have a large selection, but antique stores or architectural salvage shops are also great places to find something funky or quirky to personalize your cabinets.

Updating Old Cabinets with a New View

A few coats of paint and some new pulls later, you’re still not in love with your cabinets. Don’t know how to update the kitchen cabinets to suit your tastes? Use glass to give them a modern feel.

Glass inserts on cabinet fronts bring natural light into your cabinets. They also create a perfect display for dishes and glassware.

For some extra illumination, install track lights in and below the cabinets. Lighting can direct a guest’s attention toward the things in your updated cabinets you want to show off. Display grandmother’s china or the nifty vase you found at the flea market last weekend, and keep prying eyes away from the more utilitarian sections of the kitchen, like that cabinet full of plastic containers and mismatched lids.

Knowing When to Contact the Professionals

If you need help remodeling kitchen cabinets, give us a call! We’re happy to discuss your project and give you a quote. Or check out our portfolio for some weekend warrior inspiration.

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