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It’s what makes a Temecula house painting contractor look bad. A customer calls for a quote, but when the Temecula house painter goes out to evaluate the job, what the customer thought was a little touch-up paint job ends up being a complete paint job. The perceived upsell doesn’t look good, but regrettably, even the most honest Temecula painting service can be misunderstood when clarifying why a wall or room needs completely repainting instead of just a touch-up.

If all a customer has in mind is to pay $200 and a Temecula painter tells him or her the cost is going to be $900, the most incredible painting can be done, but the customer will still believe they paid too much.

For outdoor jobs, paint can fade rather quickly, mainly in sunny, hot climates like Temecula, CA and the surrounding areas. The remaining paint from an exterior paint job is probably no longer a clean match on a wall even if it is only 12 months. Some exteriors can have paint last up to two years, but dirt and other elements can have a negative impact as well. House painters in Temecula compare touch-up paint jobs with older paint to wearing a bandage on a deep wound.

Besides sun exposure and other elements naturally changing the paint color, deviations in ingredients can have an effect too.

Once a customer sees that a paint can’t be matched due to fading, he or she is more likely to agree that it would be better to paint an entire wall (total paint job) instead of a small area (touch-up paint job). But the conversation gets complicated with larger rooms.

The idea is to have everything painted that’s in the same glance when you look at a room. For example, when you look at a wall, you see the crown molding as well. It’s a good idea to paint this when you are doing a repaint job.

Some painters in Temecula, CA will perform exterior door and windowsill touch-up paint work. Some customers may want less for aesthetics and more for protection on exposed surfaces before the beginning of the cold season. Most Temecula homeowners understand that leaving wood exposed during the cold season will only make prep work more challenging before the repainting project down the road. When it comes to touch up or a complete paint job is that interior work is about changing a color. Outdoor work is about protection.

Every customer has various needs and budget. Are you trying to sell your home? Or do you intend to live in the same home for the next 15 years? Keeping these objectives in mind could help in determining your short-term and long-term painting goals.

If you are selling your home, get touch-up out of your mind for tattered interior surfaces. Painting an entire wall makes the space look wonderful for showings. For the Temecula painter: if you remind a customer that they’re not painting the entire room, he or she will see you are concern about staying within their price range.

You may desire just a touch-up paint job for now. Keep in mind this could mean a full repaint job down the road. The bottom line is to be knowledgeable about the benefits and drawbacks of touch-up paint work. Ask us for a free house painting estimate.

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