Repairing and Restoring Your Water, Flood or Mold Damaged Drywall

With deep monsoonal moisture constantly plaguing the Riverside County in Southern California, dumping as much as 3.54 inches of rain in Murrieta and about 2.25 inches in Temecula, you’d really have to start thinking about the long-term effects of seasonal flooding especially on your drywall. More importantly, however, you’d really have to start considering more concrete steps to the effective and efficient repair and restoration of your flood water damaged drywall.

Wall Works- beofre and after drywall water damage    Drywall repair before and after by Wall Works

Managing Water Damaged Drywall

While it is true that drywall is a really sturdy and durable stuff especially when compared with the plasters of the past, these walling materials are not indestructible especially when subjected to constant flooding or even the more frequent monsoon rains dumped by the periodic La Nina-El Nino phenomenon.  Weather forecasters blast the airwaves with flash flood reports punctuated with news of isolated thunderstorms and rain showers. They will usually be the harbinger of a deluge that many locals in Murietta and Temecula have already considered as an essential aspect of being a resident in this part of the country.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can actually manage your water damaged drywall yourself. And in case you don’t know how there will always be professionals and companies who would be more than willing to fix drywall damaged from flooding for you.

The key to managing flood damaged drywall is to gain an understanding of the kind of damage that you have. For instance, some households don’t necessarily consider having mold on drywall as a major concern.

But, you should. Why? For starters, having mold on drywall is often an indication of a more serious problem. If you don’t engage in an effective mold removal from drywall you are actually risking the formation and aerosolization of spores. What this simply means is that these molds are releasing microscopic particles – spores – in the air which you and other members of your family can inhale. If you have a family member who has respiratory allergies, these spores can easily trigger an allergic reaction. As such, it’s best to engage in a moldy drywall repair rather than letting it deteriorate.

This is just an example of course of one of the most common problems associated with flood damaged drywall and what flood damaged drywall repaircan do to manage the problem.

Water Damaged Drywall Repair

The thing about water is that it can be both very useful and very destructive at the same time. Considering that almost three-quarters of our body is made up of water, this element can also damage our property, most especially our drywall.

A simple hole on drywall can have an adverse effect on its overall integrity. That is why it is imperative to fix hole in wall immediately. You can easily patch drywall with an appropriate material, something that can reinforce the strength of your now-compromised drywall. And if you’re not sure about the cost to patch drywall, our experienced professionals at Wall Works can give you a very accurate estimate. This way you can decide on whether to repair hole in wall yourself or to have a professional repair wall for you.

It’s your choice.

Initiating an effective flood damaged drywall repair activity can be quite challenging. This is especially true if you’re not really well-versed with the various aspects of drywall repair. It is for this reason that a professional can help you repair wall, floor, and ceiling that may have been damaged by the incessant rains and the resulting flash flood. They’re your best chance of recovering the structural integrity of your wall.

Water Damaged Drywall Restoration

If you think it’s enough to perform drywall repair, that’s where you’re wrong. You also have to engage in more meaningful drywall restoration.

Wall Works drywall water damage repair    Drywall repair before and after pics by Wall Works

For instance, while drywall mold repair will help you eliminate the risk of spore-formation and the resulting allergies in your home, it is often important to engage in flood damaged drywall restoration, too. You see, removing mold from your wall is just one step of the process. Returning your wall to its previous appearance or perhaps even make it a lot better is also a critical step in the overall management of flood damaged drywall.

Restoration should not be confused with a simple drywall repair. In restoration, you will have to study carefully how the water damage has affected the overall integrity of the wall. In drywall repair, you are actually stopping the problem from getting worse. On the other hand, drywall restoration involves the rehabilitation of your wall so that it returns to its former glory.

That being said, the activities involved in drywall restoration can be more complex and resource-consuming than the activities inherent in water damaged drywall repair. You may need to apply finishing touches to the wall.

For example, when you patch drywall you will have to sand the edges of the patch to make it flush with the rest of the drywall surface. Once you’ve achieved this then you can start applying several coats of paint to mask the patchwork and also provide a protective layer to the patch.

The same is true when finishing moldy drywall repair. Mold will usually leave a telltale mark on the surface. You’ll need to vigorously scrub this mark so that it will not be as visible. At any rate, you will still be applying several coats of paints.

The other issue in water damaged drywall restoration is choosing the right paint for the job. It should be of the same color and hue as your existing paint job. That is why flood damaged drywall restoration and repair is best left to the pros since they already have the unique understanding plus the right resources to get the work done in a very efficient and very effective manner. If you’re worried about the price to patch drywall and give it a lasting finish, you can trust us to give you the best deal in town.

If you’re having issues in repairing and restoring your water damaged drywall you can give us a call and we’d be more than happy to provide you with the best assistance possible.