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entertainment center drywall before

Wall Works drywall repair experts provide a custom solution for an in-wall entertainment center in Temecula, CA

When it comes to drywall repair or refinishing, there’s a huge variety of projects that we undertake. Everything from minor wall damage to complete flood or fire restorations, we’re comfortable dealing with it all.

But not all the services we provide are for accidental damage. Sometimes homeowners need customized drywall work to add convenience and value to their homes. Drywall sometimes needs to be modified for new electrical wiring and in this case, customized to house an in-wall entertainment center.

We work hard to provide quality finished work to our customers, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with this project. Here’s a before and after look at our recent custom drywall work for a built-in entertainment center in a house in Temecula, CA.

Before Finished Drywall:

Temecula, CA custom drywall for entertainment center

As you can see, this drywall project required new electrical wiring for televisions and any other electronics that would need power in the entertainment center. Much of the older drywall was removed, exposing the insulation and framing, so re-finishing the wall surface would require texturing and making sure the wall is seamless.

After Finished Drywall

finished and textured drywall for a Temecula, CA in wall entertainment center

A few waves of a magic wand from our expert painters and drywallers, and this new custom entertainment center is ready to be outfitted with the shelving (after it dries properly). Notice that every large spot of missing drywall has been properly and seamlessly repaired.

At Wall Works, we take no shortcuts. Everything get’s properly finished, right down to the last wall outlet. And take a look at the ground below the entertainment center. It’s been left perfectly clean, and this is our practice on every custom drywall job. It can be messy work, and sometimes ensuring cleanliness is half the battle.

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