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Does Your Home Need a New Look?

We have come a long way from the days of grinding pigments with a mortar and pestle to make paint; a time when the only painted houses in the US belonged to the wealthy. Are you looking to freshen up the look of your home? In this century, you don’t have to be wealthy to have a painted house. Paint is one of the most budget-friendly ways to update or change your home’s appearance.

What are the techniques that will result in a professional-looking job? What are the techniques that professional wall painters use to add visual interest? Are you looking to change the look of your home without making a huge financial investment?

Take a Look at These 5 Professional Wall Painter Techniques:

1. Prep and Clean Your Surface

Patch holes and cracks using joint compound. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Wipe away any of the excess drywall compounds.

Very importantly, use primer to paint all patchwork. Skipping this step leads terribly-noticeable dull, blotchy spots on the surface of your walls or ceilings.

2. Paint the Trim First

Professionals use a specific order: trim, ceiling next and then the walls. This technique allows you to get paint on the trim without being extra careful.

Once the trim paint dries (wait at least 24 hours), using painter’s tape, tape it off to keep from getting wall paint on it. Paint the ceiling next, and then the walls.

3Roll the Full Height of the Wall

This technique will help you keep a wet edge. That’s important. If the paint begins to dry, you may end up with uneven layers due to paint buildup.

Begin near the corner and push the roller up and down the wall, from trim to ceiling. With each stroke, move over to some degree.

Remember to reload your roller frequently. You don’t want a dry roller. It may cause the paint to pull away from the wall.

4. Use One of Several Decorative Painting Ideas

Once you’ve done your prep work and painted your wall, you can choose from any number of decorative painting methods.

There is a large array of stencils on the market. You can buy metallic paint and use it to paint an accent wall. Striped walls never go out of style. Polka dots can add flare and are pretty easy to do yourself.

A few methods can give your walls a textured look:

  • Color Wash – adds texture and depth
  • Sponge Painting – outcome is a dynamic texture
  • Rag Rolling – very subtle, textured look

5. Cut the Painter’s Tape When Completely Dry

You don’t want to find this out the hard way. If you just pull the tape off the wall, you may pull the paint with it.

It is best to take a utility knife and cut, starting in a corner. Make sure that paint is completely dry so that you can make a clean cut. Pull the tape at an angle as you slice through the hardened paint.

Is it Time to Change the Look of your Home?

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